XWatchReview – An Awesome SmartWatch Of 2020

There are many smartwatches out there on the market it can be really confusing to pick one and have a peace of mind when doing, so after you decide these smartwatches can cost you anywhere from$200 to $500 plus if you want to buy a great smartwatch which doesn’t break the bank you should definitely check out the x watch smartwatch. The x watch is going viral online and people are loving it but is it really worth the money in our x watch Smart Watch review we will go over the pros and cons as well as what you should consider before buying what it is and what does it do? X watches a top Smart Watch which not only shows time/date beeps and wakes you up after setting an alarm but can also be used to make a phone call with the built-in speaker you can make calls with it read text messages use x watch app as your trainer the update deal with your social media accounts and many other things which we will mention in my review how come that x watch Smartwatch is both a watch and a phone it is because you connect the watch to your phone so it syncs with it  also has a SIM card slots worldwide the touchscreen makes the whole experience seamless and enjoyable the design of the  x watch it looks very similar to the Apple watch than many smartwatches tend  to look like they are made of the same materials if you aren’t familiar with smart watches let me tell you and show you how they look like[materials the x watch Smart  Watch is made from quality materials even though it is a quadrat sheet it has beautiful smooth curves of modern design which gives a luxurious feel on the front and back it is cased in extra resistant glass so you can easily clean and wipe the dirt off of it the glass on the front is protecting the HD touchscreen display which gives a great light it looks like the x watch could be a great competitor against the Apple and Samsung smartwatches after all they can’t beat the price the strap is very good and comfortable it wraps around wrist perfectly and it is made from silicone the strap feels like wearing next to nothing on the skin and it doesn’t bother you at all while wearing the watch during movement or any other hardcore activity yes the x watch is very durable it is an actual phone on your wrist and the best thing is you won’t need to look for your phone anymore functional Smart Watch works with Android and iOS phones you simply pair our watch with your phone via blue tooth and if you don’t want to connect it with your phone there is another connection way putting the SIM inside the x watch are you ready to receive answer your calls it has a customized operating system which is very smooth what are the coolest e  x watch features or what can you do with the x watch monitor your health listen to music take photos record videos make calls and write text messages make plans

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XWatch smartwatch has Lots of good Functionalities

  1. XWatch Has a Built-in Camera and Video Camera.
  2. It Works in the night and it has a night mode.
  3. It works as a remote for you Mobile (Andriod /ios).
  4. Aluminum Case with Dual-Sided Hardened Glass.
  5. Customized Watch Faces To Suit Your Moods.
  6. XWatch HD Retina Fully Touchable Display.

Why XWatch is Making Waves?

There has been more 37k Units has been sold for XWatch and XWatch has a large user base across the world. It’s giving tough competition to the Manufacturer like Apple, Samsung.

  • Great Battery Life one charge can last UPTO 20 Days.
  • A great water-resistant design to make it robust for all the environment
  • Elegant HD Touch Display.
  • Monitor your Vital Signs heart rate etc at 99% accuracy.

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